Sunday, 26 July 2009

Middle Class – Out of Vogue

As this blog is about hardcore vinyl, I thought I should start it off with this record.

Middle Class – Out of Vogue 7” on Joke Records 1978

Arguably this is the first ever hardcore record ever made. This was pressed in 1978 by the label Joke Records. Joke Records was ran by Billy Star. There seems to be a few versions of this record; one with yellow labels and one with Silver labels.

I was told that only one press was made for the record, so why the different labels? All I know, for every 5 silver label version’s that pop up, one yellow version seem to pop up. Therefore I would conclude that the yellow labels version would be the rarer out of the two. Maybe 2 pressings where made? – A Few hundred with yellow labels and then a 2nd press was made with silver labels? Who knows, if you have any information on the record, please send me a comment.

Fun Fact - Mike Atta from Middle Class now owns and a vintage furniture shop in Fullerton, California called ... guess what "Out Of Vogue"

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