Monday, 27 July 2009

WarZone – Lower East Side Crew part I

This where it all started for me!
This is the first ever Revelation Records release and it was also my first ever Revelation (REV) release to put into my collection.
Small back-story - Rev was started by Jordan Cooper and Ray Cappo in 1987 in New York. They went on to release the who’s who of the hardcore scene at the time. Over a period of 3 years they had put out over 23 releases, including the first ever Sick of It All release, Judge – Bringing it down LP, Gorilla Biscuits – Start today lp and many more. As this was the first ever release done by Rev, not everything came out perfect. They had to get help from Kevin Seconds who ran Positive Force records and Kane from BYO records. The recording was sent to Kane at BYO records, who also worked in a pressing plant. Kane then mastered the recording and then pressed the record, he certainly pressed the record, but I’m not sure how much work went into mastering the recording!

So eventually after lots of hard work the Warzone 7” was ready and this where the fun begins!
In the first press 1,000 were made. Not including the test press there seems to be 3 main versions.

1. Stamped number on the b-side label version. A lot of the early rev releases have small amounts with number stamps on them. Maybe the first 100 were stamped? Either way this is a tricky version to find as many people don’t know they own one.

2. Band posters insert version. I’ve been told that the band where given a bunch to sell, so to make them a bit cooler the band added in some extra inserts or just big Xeroxed pictures of themselves in with the record. I believe the pictures were taken from the book “How to make A scene”

3. The legendary “Aborted Press” version. This version is sometimes know as an aborted press, but it is actually the same mix as the other 1st press vinyl’s. Some people think that the record plant might or ran out of blue labels for the press and then defaulted back to the default white label? Either there are around 41 one of these floating around, some come with a coloured in orange sleeve, some have just the regular sleeve. Good luck in finding one!!!